Designer eCollars | The Most Comfortable Alternative to Plastic Pet Recovery Cones

Your Best Friend Deserves a Better Recovery Collar

Large dog wearing soft ecollar cone
Small dog soft elizabethan collar alternative
Dog wearing a large Cuddle Cone soft elizabethan collar

Finally. A pet recovery collar that helps your dog rest and recover in comfort and style.

When your best friend is injured or uncomfortable, the last thing they need is the stress and discomfort of a hard, plastic cone. That's where Cuddle Cone comes in. (Yes, it also works for cats!).

The Cuddle Cone™ soft recovery collar is a comfortable, effective alternative to the hard, plastic elizabethan collar, or “cone of shame” that is used for post-surgical recovery, allergies, injuries or more. 

This dog cone alternative may be used safely by dogs and cats, for both short term and ongoing health issues.  

Cuddle Cone™ features:

- Soft, premium fleece lining to cuddle your pet's head without chafing. - Water-resistant foam core for lightweight, sturdy (never flimsy) protection. - A stylish outer layer, because why be boring? - Adjustable hook and loop closures 

Cuddle Cone™ benefits:

- Allows your pet to rest and heal in comfort - Great for long term needs, such as skin conditions and ongoing ailments - Will not hurt when scraping against walls or your legs

Cuddle Cone™ is always made in the USA.

Q: What Size Should I Order?

To give your pet the best protection during healing, please follow the sizing chart below. The cone should extend a couple of inches past your pet's nose, to prevent them from reaching the affected areas.The e-collar can be adjusted for a more custom fit, but if you feel your pet is between sizes, always size up!  

You should always consult with your veterinarian to make sure that this collar is appropriate for your pet’s needs, and use caution when leaving your pet unattended.  

How to measure your dog for a pet recovery collar

Cuddle Cone Soft Recovery Collars

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Worried that the Cuddle Cone pet recovery collar may not be the best fit for you dog? No worries! We accept returns for a full refund within 30 days (minus shipping costs) on unused items.